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If you’re a surfer, you’ll probably agree that the sport is hard on the body. You’re playing on an unstable surface with uncertain elements. Most spots in Indonesia aren’t for the slight of bicep or faint of heart; you’re often battling sharp reefs or 5 knots current (at Nusa Dua) to make it out. How, then, can you keep your body primed for the high demands of surfing? Yoga might be the answer.

Contrary to popular belief, you dont have to be an om-ing vegetarian to do yoga. Surfing and the practice of Yoga are intrinsically linked and have been since the late ’60’s, when hippies and surfers searched soul connection on the beaches of Hawaii and California. The key difference is that yogis turn inward to find peace, while surfers seek their Zen in the outward art of riding waves. But can physical yoga help you with your surfing?? “ABSOLUTELY”, says Vancouver-based Eoin Finn, who teaches yoga, ecology and surfing at retreats in Bali, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Most people think that yoga only improves flexibility. But in reality, through Yoga, you can develop an intelligent body that can be loose and twisty or strong and centered as the situation demands. Plus you can develop an Intelligent body that can be loose and twisty or strong and centered as the situation demands. Plus, you gain the presence of mind to remain calm under pressure.

Find a quiet spot on the beach and give yourself at least five minutes before you hit the waves. And remember that the bliss lies not in the outcome but in the experience. There are a few position that you could practice.

Downward Dog

Come onto hands and knees. Straighten your legs slightly, but don’t lock your knees. Send your hips diagonally away from your hands. Spread your fingertips. Breathe and hold for about five counts. Your heels dont need to touch the sand. You’re trying to find length in the harm string and spin while making an upside down V with your body. Benefits: Lengthens back body to counter over development of frontal extension muscles from padding.

Triangle Pose

Stand facing the ocean. Step your left foot back, about one leg length behind. Point your left foot at 45 degree angle facing to the front and step it a few inches to the left. On an inhale, slowly extend your right arm towards the front, keep your core strong, knee slightly bent and reach your arm toward your knee, shin or if you are more open, towards your toes. Spread toes wide into the sand, and rotate your hips and torso up toward the sky. Follow with your left arm and reach it overhead. Stay here for a few deep inhales and exhales, the repeat on the opposite side. Benefit = Streches the side body to allow for more reach when you paddle. Strengths the inner legs and improves overall balance

Half Spinal Twist

From a seated position, bend your right knee. Take the left foot to the outside of your right knee, spread toes into the sand, and hug your left knee toward your chest. Use your left fingertips behind you for support as you twist your torso, all the way from your hips to your left. Try to keep the left hip from lifting up and lean forward not back with your spine. Use your breath: the inhales lift you, while the exhales ease you deeper into the twist. You can hook your right elbow to the outside of your left knee to get your spine nice and tall. Repeat on the other side. Benefit: if you want lip smacking ability, your body needs to twist easefully and fast. This twist not only loosens your hips and side torso but also gives you more range of motion so you can sreate maximum slash on all of your turns.


in a seated or standing position, inhale for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, and then exhale for four counts, and then exhale for eight counts. Do this for at least five times, and then breath normally. Benefits helps detoxify your system from last night’s Bintang rampage and prime your lungs for efficient breathing while you’re in water.

Bingin is perfect for a surfing holidays [].

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bikini body workout kayla

bikini body workout kayla

Meet the woman behind the bikini

A former standout softball player with a BS in Exercise Movement, Jen Ferruggia has always cared about staying in good shape.

But much to her dismay, a little too much partying made her pack on the dreaded “freshman 15” in college.

This is what flipped the switch and triggered what would become a lifelong obsession with developing a lifestyle that let her look and feel amazing every day of the year.

The techniques detailed in the Bikini Body Workout System are the exact same workouts and meal plans that have gotten Jen into the best shape of her life.

And they have let her maintain her fit, feminine physique ever since. A simple, sustainable approach to a year-round bikini body.

In the ten years since her graduation, she has refined these methods to help woman from all walks of life transform their bodies, regain their confidence, and find new levels of happiness.

With the interactive e-book, you get instructional videos, information guides, recipes, and much more. All that’s left for you to do is reap the rewards of a mind-blowing transformation.

The 60-day workout guide eliminates all the guesswork for you. Every set, every rep, every exercise, and every rest period is completely laid out in full detail.

Demonstration videos performed by Jen, the woman behind the Bikini Body Workouts, guarantee you know how to perfectly perform the exercises for maximum results.
With the Nutrition Guide, there is no more wondering what to eat and when. We tell you exactly how to ensure you burn fat all-day long.

The Bikini Body Supplement list will keep you from wasting money on snake oil supplements. Instead, you get an inside scoop on the ones that make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

A comprehensive Bikini Body shopping list gives you the tools to make the BEST choices every time you stock up on wholesome, nutritious foods.

Get ready for conditioning workouts burn 3 times the fat in 1/3 the time. You will incinerate that extra pooch without trudging your life away on the treadmill.

And to make sure you have a butt that looks as good as your chiseled stomach, we have included a 21-Day Booty Blast specialization program. In 3 weeks, you’ll get glorious glutes that fill out your skinny jeans like never before.

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Bikini Tanning!!!

Looking a little paste-y? Thats ok cause im here to help! U really can tan in those frigid winter days! 😀

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Now you don’t have to worry about tan lines when you wear that beautiful sun dress or tank top after lying on the beach. You can now wear a tan through bikini or one-piece that is just as fashionable as your regular suits and also achieve that all over tan. And your friends won’t even notice it is tan through!

You know how it is. You lie in the sun at the beach or pool hoping to get a nice tan that will look great when you are out and about later. You move your straps all over to get an even tan without lines. You lie on your back and unhook your suit to avoid lines. It can get cumbersome and frustrating, especially if you have to jump up quickly. With a tan through bikini that allows the sun’s rays to enter through it at the protection level of a sunscreen with SPF 6-8, you can tan without the lines.

Tan through bikini’s let the sun shine in, so to speak and to look at them, you wouldn’t even know that they aren’t like any other swimsuit. You should know that when you are selecting your size that the suits should fit comfortably, and should not be tight. The bikini’s are fully machine washable and are not affected by pool chlorine or ocean salt. They are also NOT see-through so no need to worry. There are several styles such as Brazil-cut bottoms, string bikini bottoms, halter tops, and string bikini tops. There is a swimsuit for everybody and every taste.

Another important factor that separates the tan through bikini from ordinary swimwear is that the fabric is porous and smooth which allows the skin underneath to breathe easily as it tans. It keeps you cooler as well and doesn’t trap moisture as others do. The tan through swimwear also dries quickly which makes it more comfortable for lounging.

Since you can tan through the swimwear, you must realize that you can also burn. It has a medium-level sunscreen protection, so you should use sun block all over your body before putting on your bikini. Remember the limits on being in the sun as well to protect your skin. Try not to spend too much time in the sun during the peak hours and limit time in the sun each day. Tanning slowly while wearing a tan through bikini will assure you of a nice even and beautiful tan.

Jessica Weaver has been involved in the Tan Through Swimwear market for several years. Tan-thru swimwear is the ideal choice of swim apparel for anyone who hates tan lines! Read more about getting a great tan at

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Wanting to look good in a bikini Vine Video

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In this clip from ‘My Session – Volume 1″ we show you how to go from body dragging to getting up on the board.
“My Session -Volume 1″ is produced and directed by Mike Foy. Riders: Marie Leclerc and Mark Bavis. The beats are by Mat the Alien and the narrator is Chis Jaggers. For more info visit

Historically there has always been a battle of east vs. west, whether it is politics, gang warfare or where is the best kite surfing holiday, there is always a conflict. Countries with a large geographical area, such as Brazil, America or Australia seem to develop this competition more than other countries.

In the surfing world there is a big debate as to where is the best kite surfing holiday. There are many places in the world that come up for debate. Places like Indonesia, Brazil, Canary Islands, Tariffa, Perth, Australia are the hot favourites. Australia and Brazil are two of the most fashionable places to kitesurf as the range of beaches is outstanding. For an ideal kitesurfing holiday you want a wide selection of places to kitesurf in as the weather constantly changes. If we narrow it down to Australia alone, there is still a huge range of ideal locations.

There is always a battle of East vs West when we talk about Australia. Both sides are in rapid growth with plenty of emerging places to kite. The east coast has the sunshine coast and gold coast whilst the West has margaret river and southgate beach. The west enjoys more constant wind than the east coast. The wind blows constantly around 20 knots for 7 months every year. The east coast is more temperamental and although it enjoys many days of wind, it is difficult to plan around. In regards to waves, well you are in luck with both coasts. Both coasts have great periods of swell throughout the year and enjoy off shore winds. You can find a range of beach and reef breaks on both coasts giving you exactly what you want.

When talking about Australia you need to consider what type of holiday you want. The East coast is far more active and populated, surf breaks are often crowded and difficult to work your way into. The upside is that there is more going on, more parties, more infrastructure and more atmosphere. The west coast is far more laid back and offers a totally different experience. A kite surfing holiday north of Perth is a real getaway. It is remote and beautiful. People go there for the peace and tranquillity.

If it is relaxation and peace you are after then Indonesia and Brazil are a great idea. Both are very relaxed and idyllic. The beaches will have you wishing you lived there and time will simply slip away. The islands of Indonesia offer everything you want. There are 6 islands that have easy access and great surfing and kitesurfing. The Indonesian islands are rated as some of the best surfing reefs in the world. They are famous for their clear green waters and easy tubes.

We cannot forget Brazil. Brazil is simply divine. Head north of Rio towards El Salvador and you will find hundreds of miles of ideal places for a kite surfing holiday. You will be amazed how simple and laid back travelling through Brazil actually is. There is so much to see and do.

For more accurate and exact locations your best bet is to get in touch with a specialist tour operator of which there are many. Or do your own research and get studying. Thousands have trodden the paths you may want to follow and have made some great notes. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a great time.

Want more information about your next kite surfing holiday go to Amazon or Kiteworld Magazine. For a more personal and informative answer click one of the links below.

Kitesurfing Holidays [] & Diving Holidays [] – Offering diving reviews, surfing reviews, kitesurfing reviews, windsurfing reviews and active holiday reviews by active people.

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How to get a Beach Body with Exercises Surfing and Surfer Workouts – Powering Surfing Athletes and creating beach bodies with nutrition for surfers, surfers workouts, exercises for surfing, surfing training and specific advice for developing and maintaining speed, strength, surfing flexibility and power in the water for Pro’s and Amateurs.

If you want great surf body fitness drop in to the Surf Training Secrets website for professional performance coaching with Hayden Rhodes. Subscribe for ongoing surfing training tips and share videos with your friends. Keep Surfing, Keep Training HR D Man

Weight-loss, negative credit remedies, health as well as fitness and health, can be a decrease in the entire body weight, due to a mean lack of fluid, excess fat or even adipose muscle and/or slim muscle size, specifically bone fragments mineral deposits, muscle mass, plantar fascia and other ligament. It may occur unintentionally on account of an actual condition or may happen coming from a aware effort to further improve an authentic or even perceived obese or even overweight condition.

1. Add, Will not Subtract:

Forget about diet plan denial: Try out including meals to your diet regime as opposed to subtracting them.

Add in balanced goodies you really love, like deep-red cherries, succulent vineyard, or perhaps brittle snowfall peas. Get those favored many fruits in your handbag lunch break and whole wheat toast; put the greens in to cereal, stews, along with salsas.

“Adding within does work, depriving them of will not do,” affirms listed dietitian Jesse Grotto, Road, LDN, author associated with 101 Optimal Life Meals, but don’t forget to keep track of total calorie consumption. You should also add in a thing physical, too, is it doing a few party goes just before supper, taking pictures hoops, or perhaps having a fast stroll.

2. Forget Regarding Training:

In the event the phrase “exercise” motivates you to imaginative deterrence, and then avoids it. Perhaps the secret in order to having a exercise routine could possibly be never to think of it as doing exercises.

“There’s some reality for it“, Grotto tells WebMD, and once you start your current not-calling-it-exercise plan, Grotto says you’ll find “the means a healthy body seems gets along the roadblocks that have been protecting against you against doing exercises initially”.

Consequently burn off calories as well as invigorate muscle tissue by simply beachcombing, riding bicycles, lawn skiing, generating snow angels, walking, cleansing the car, playing Frisbee, going after the dog throughout the yard, or even taking pleasure in excellent intercourse. All things considered, a new increased by every other name.

3. Going for walks:

Strolling in the event the weather’s wonderful is really a super-easy strategy to exercise, says Diane Virginias, an avowed nursing assistant through nice. “I benefit from the conditions,”. The lady says, adding which regardless if she is short on time she’ll go out for a few min. “Even the several instant wander is a five moment wander”.

Zero sidewalks in your area? Attempt these pointers with regard to sliding in actions:

Buy and sell your own power mower to get a force model.
Car park your car behind the lot.
Escape the office developing and luxuriate in strolling meetings.
Carry the drive or even rake your simply leaves as an alternative to employing a leaf-blower.
Leave the bus a couple of puts a stop to previously.
Hike your nearby mall, ensuring hitting all the amounts.
Consider the stairs each and every probability you will get.
Sign up for charitable organization walks.
Improve on the background music and have the heartbeat up the next time an individual steamer or perhaps machine.

All this adds up. If you stroll two times a day pertaining to 10 minutes and try a few of these tips, many times on your own having a low-impact, 30-minute workout very easily tucked beneath your buckle.

4. Lighten the foodstuffs You By now Really like:

Among the easiest ways to relieve without experiencing rejected is always to switch to lower-calorie versions of the food items a person desire. The pizza likes just as good together with reduced-fat mozzarella dairy product, so when anyone take low-fat ice cream using your favored covers, which is aware individuals lacking energy.

Although you’re cutting down on fat calories from fat, keep an eye on increasing soluble fiber, recommends authorized dietitian Elaine Magee, Road, MPH, publisher regarding Figure out what you can eat Easily Have problems with Heart Disease along with Foods Form teams.

Fibers assists you to sense happy more time, consequently as you lighten up household faves, it is possible to firm up the fiber with the help of a cup full of whole wheat grains flour to your chicken wings cash, or even chuck a few red-colored bell peppers for the quiche.

5. Because Water Aids – Really:

Lower water ahead of a meal and you also is not going to feel therefore starving, states Jesse Anthony, a data technology specialist through Atl. “Drinking any goblet regarding water prior to meals aids me personally watch what I take in. I would not just hog everything, because I’m not consequently eager”.

Magee, which additionally creates the particular “Healthy Menu Doctor” blog site with regard to WebMD, brings that will to the compulsive snacker it is a good idea to keep no-calorie beverages at hand “as a means to maintain mouth area active and less prone to eat unhealthy foods”.

Going to a celebration? Seize a new low-cal consume in a single side and that presently there. It doesn’t make it more challenging for you to eat the self serve buffet, however included in the package be a smaller amount lured to drink countless drinks, also.

Lastly, preserving your system refreshed with plenty h2o can also help your exercise routine, claims Anthony. Keeping replenished with water means “I can do more exercise, and longer, compared to if I do not stay hydrated”.

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Exo Concept EXO – the new age jet ski

the EXO bends two traditional rules of jet ski: prone to ride, instead of seated or standing, and it is earth-friendly electric powered. lets just say that on the aesthetic perspective it definitely scores for its aerodynamic low profile design…

more on tech/gadget lifestyle at

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30-Minute Fat-Frying Bikini-Body Workout | Class FitSugar

This workout was designed with Summer in mind — specifically swimsuit time and the body-baring bikini! All the exercises target the trouble zones while keeping your heart rate up to burn fat. Press play and we will warm you up, work you out, and quickly cool you down. Then you can hit the beach feeling strong and confident.

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